The Monday Catchup



Good morning folks! Here’s what you missed this weekend:

The lead story: In Libya, members of the Islamic State beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians, in a show of force that could indicate an intention to expand operations beyond the borders of Syria and Iraq.

Coming up after the jump: An attack on a Danish Synagogue left dead and wounded, Greece bankruptcy warnings, vaccination debate, and much more

Police in Copenhagen killed a 22-year old suspected of attacking a Synagogue and free speech event, leaving two dead. The attack also wounded several policemen.

Italy calls for U.N. intervention in Libya as thousands attempt migration to Italy. The political situation is deteriorating with increased military action and influence from the Islamic State.

A ceasefire appears to be holding in Ukraine; the ceasefire took effect at 12:00 a.m. on Sunday and silenced guns in the part of Ukraine Moscow is referring to as “New Russia.”

Greece is unconcerned about impending bankruptcy; the nation, long plagued with debt, is choosing to ignore warnings by other EU nations that it will face consequences if it does not face austerity measures.

On Sunday, the FAA proposed new regulations for civilian drone operation. Under the proposed rules, users would have to be a certain age, hold a certificate and fly the drone within certain height and speed parameters.

Apple is apparently in the process of developing an electric car. It is unclear at this point whether the car project will ever see the light of day, but this would represent a huge step forward for an already progressive company.

Continuing coverage: Boko Haram has been repelled after an attack on the capital of the Nigerian state Gombe. The Islamic militant group also attacked Chad for the first time last Friday.

Weather: Cold this week, but no heavy snow predicted until the weekend.


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