10 o’clock list: Sexiest Patches of Ice on Campus

Who doesn’t love February? The bitter cold, the cabin fever, the familiar reminder that love is fleeting and death is eternal: it simply screams fun*. But my favorite hobby this time of year (besides licking metal poles with one of my numerous tongues) is finding the sultriest lil’ ice rink on campus. Fellow ice aficionados, you may not want to read this in public as it has been known to induce excessive drooling and/or impromptu renditions of the dance from “Happy Feet”. Here are the sexiest patches of ice on campus:

1) Patch of Ice by Storer


Soooo slippery. Am I falling in love or just falling down because of the ice I am walking on?

2) Patch of Ice by the Post Office


A little dirty, are we? *wink*


3) Patch of Ice on Middle Path


I slipped on this patch so hard guys. I’m, like, super sore.

 4) Patch of Ice by the Gates of Hell


If I slip on you at midnight, will you transport me to Heaven? Let’s explore this topic.

5) Patch of Ice at the Freshman Quad


This guy’s a little rough around the edges, but I’ve seen several people slip on it and walk away out of breath and moaning. Just sayin.





*I encourage you to do the same. Scream “fun!” to the winds fiercely buffeting your frail body. It will show the weather who’s really in charge. Suck it, wind!!!!!!!

2 responses

  1. My favorite ice patch was the downhill path between Ross and Sam Mather where I once slid sideways on my bike. Made it to class on time regardless!

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