BREAKING: Reported Power Surge All Over Campus, Peirce opening 20 minutes late

According to a number of sources in a number of different locations across campus, the power just flickered on and off in Wiggin Street Coffee, Caples, Watson, Peirce and Olin Library. Peirce will be delayed for 20 minutes due to the power surge, and the Internet is out in a number of locations.

With temperatures at 18 degrees Fahrenheit and slated to reach a low of -2 later this evening, the Thrill recommends that you stock up on your foodstuffs, condoms and illegal candles.
Senior History and International Studies Majors, please SAVE YOUR COMPS and everyone else remember to save your files because that’s important too. This is a sign of the end of days if I ever saw one, but there’s no reason that we can’t go into this prepared. For those of us who remember the Blackout of 2013, at least we know we can get through this… right?

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