Kenyon Klexicon: M is for Mather

This is the nice looking one, by the way.

This is the nice looking one, by the way.

As of today, February 16th 2015, there are exactly two Mather buildings on this campus. Legend has it that there was a third member of the Mather clan, Philip Mather, former home of the Chemistry department before it was torn down in 2001. Rest in pieces, Pmather. That really doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as Smather does…maybe that’s why they got rid of it. 

Mather (math-er) n. – Either in reference to Mather Residence (the only dorm that both first years and upperclassmen can call home) or Sam Mather, the college’s first building intended exclusively for the sciences. One is nice to look at, the other not so much.

Kenyon Kontext:

  • Student 1: “Give me a joke about Mather that I can put in this post.”
  • Student 2: “No one wants to live there. It’s funny because it’s true!”

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