Seniors Reminisce: Middle Ground


Alright, I know that 900% of you don’t even know what Middle Ground is other than through tearful lore. For me, it kind of feels like… I’m hip and cool and discovered a band before they got popular and then they break up and all their music becomes this huge thing and everyone’s like, “Oh my god I LOVE Picasso.” So let me explain to your tiny empty brains.

Think about your favorite things at the VI. Garlic aioli? Shit yeah, love that stuff. Sweet potato fries? Give ’em. MG salad? OH my god, (also hey big worms the MG stands for Middle Ground.) Now imagine a place that serves those things casually along with sub par coffee and is really busy all the time (scary busy) and Josh Radnor makes everyone leave so he can film his movie in there. WELCOME TO MIDDLE GROUND.

I mean, no hate on Wiggin Street. They are better at coffee and they also employ me. (Thanks Wiggle for that sweet, sweet cold hard cash. I love money and that you give me it sometimes.) But Middle Ground was very different than Wiggin Street and not just because it had hot food. The vibe was different. It felt almost diner-esque. The walls were blue, there were couches, it was high pressure– the employees wanted you to know what you were ordering and they wanted to know IMMEDIATELY, STAY ON YOUR TOES. It stayed open late into the evening and it was nice to have some place that wasn’t a student center, but was about as close as Kenyon has gotten.

Also, someone made a bet with me freshman year that if I won, they would buy me lunch at Middle Ground the day of graduation. So I guess I will just order ten giant cookies to get my money’s worth.

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