Made in Peirce: Caramelized Onions


I made this, and you can too!

If my previous installments of Made in Peirce haven’t clued you in enough, I love using the Peirce panini press to do things for which it was certainly not made. Next in my series of irresponsible panini press usage, I make my favorite form of onions: caramelized. The bin of raw chopped onion in the topping station between Vegetarian and International has been calling to me the last couple times it’s been out, so I figured I’d finally go for it. Needless to say, I’m so glad that I did.


  • Chopped onion from the toppings bins (the rings of onion from the sandwich station should work too)
  • Olive oil of your choice (I used the garlic one)
  • Spices from the condiments cart


  1. Put your chopped onions in a bowl, like so:


    So far, so good

  2. Now, lightly drizzle in the olive oil and add spices of your choice from the condiment cart, if you want. I chose sage, paprika, cumin, and a splash of hot sauce:



  3. Mix up the onions and the spices, slather them in a thin layer on a piece of wax paper, put another piece of wax paper on top of the layer, and panini press it on the flat press (the one without the sandwich ridges)
  4. Be mindful of the oil seeping out, and listen for sizzling. Once it starts sizzling extra loud, wait a little bit longer, then carefully remove the wax paper and slide your freshly caramelized onions into a bowl. They should be slightly more clear than before like in the header photo.
  5. Select your base! The caramelized onions go really well on sandwiches or pizza. Feel free to go wild with your glorious panini-pressed delicacy and make all of your friends jealous.


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