10 o’clock list: Alternative Guests for Sendoff


Pope Francis approves.

So, just about two weeks ago this year’s lineup for Sendoff was announced:  Logic and Danny Brown.  Now that you’ve had some time to let Social Board’s choice sink in, I ask you, dear readers, to consider an alternate universe in which the following magnificent men and wonderful women were chosen to provide entertainment for our enjoyment.

  1. Michael Jackson – They were able to get him for the 2014 Music Billboard Rewards, so why couldn’t we invite his hologram to perform for us?
  2. CJ Cregg – For those of you not familiar with The West Wing, CJ Cregg, portrayed by Kenyon alum Allison Janney ’82, is known to do a stellar rendition of “The Jackal,” originally performed by Ronnie Jordan.
  3. Richard Wagner – Arguably best known for “Ride of the Valkyries,” having this 19th century German composer perform would be quite the coup and would give Kenyon some national (possibly even international) exposure.
  4. The Blues Brothers – Although original member John Belushi passed away, the Blues Brothers recently reunited at the SNL 40th Anniversary, with John Belushi’s brother Jim performing with Dan Aykroyd.  Having the Blues Brothers here on campus would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  5. One Direction – I’m still holding out for this one, though it seems like the chances of this happening are shrinking year by year.  Boohoo.


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