Unsung Heroes Week: Final Day

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February 16th-20th is Kenyon’s First Annual Unsung Heroes Week, a community project designed to appreciate the efforts of Maintenance, AVI and Campus Safety. We are proud to recognize the efforts of these employees as valuable members of the Kenyon community. The long term goal of this project is the establishment of a small scholarship fund for a child or grandchild of a Kenyon AVI, Maintenance or Campus Safety worker living in Knox County and pursuing higher education at a college or university. Please share this project with your Kenyon College friends, family members, alumni, or anyone else who you feel would be interested. Let’s give these workers the recognition they deserve!


Michael, Danville (Left), Meagan (Center), Nick, Columbus (Right), AVI

“What’s your favorite part about working at Kenyon?”

“Michael: “When I initially started working here I had just graduated from high school. I had a few friends that were accepted here and I got to see them and work at the same time. I got to still see my friends and make money. And I moved into the position I’m in now and I just like cooking and the people I work with and it’s a very positive atmosphere here.”

Meagan: “It’s all the interaction with the students that we get. And all the new things we get to try. You guys are very receptive.”

Nick: “I have a few actually…definitely all the local food. And we make all of our food from scratch. Everyone here is always very positive. Always ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ about things.”

Sarah and SevillaSarah (left), Cevilla (right)

Mount Vernon, Blainesberg, AVI

“What’s your favorite part about working at Kenyon?”

Sarah: “My favorite part is getting to know the kids. Having a relationship outside, after they’ve graduated. And I like my time off. Like Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Cevilla: “Pretty much the same thing that Sarah just said. I like my summer breaks, Christmas break. I like to get to know the students.”

Sponsored by Student Activities, The Thrill, Housing and Dining Committee, Building and Grounds Committee, Art Organization of Kenyon, Greek Council, Epsilon Delta Mu, Archons Society, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa Tau, Delta Tau Delta, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Beta Theta Pi, Theta Delta Phi, Zeta Alpha Pi, Alpha Sigma Tau, Women’s Lacrosse, Cross Country, Track and Field.

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