Bexley Parking Lot to Be Converted For Student Use

Bexley Hall. Via

Last night, Student Council minutes quietly announced that the Bexely parking lot will be prepared for student use. We confirmed this with Chief Business Officer, Mark Kohlman via email earlier today. Kohlman has been in correspondence with the Building and Grounds Committee with regard to assigning several parking spots in the west parking lot at Bexley for student parking. While the lot needs painting before the first spaces can be allocated, it is our understanding that more spaces in the lot will be opened up eventually. Kohlman commented,

We missed our window to repaint the parking spots there but are going to issue 8 parking stickers for that area starting after spring break. We know more students bring cars back so we will be able to add a few spots. The Safety office will be contacting the students who will be eligible for the spots in the next few days and then issuing the stickers as they respond.


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