Hilltop Hook-Ups

This image was simply entitled "boyfriends" and is now framed in my room.

This image was simply entitled “boyfriends” and is now framed in my room.

You’ve seen us cry. You’ve seen us hurl. Now, watch us make out! After compiling responses from our staffers via an anonymous survey, The Thrill has painstakingly mapped out all of its contributors’ past hook-up spots, including some pretty embarrassing ones. Check them out after the jump!

First, for your viewing pleasure, here is the complete map:



Seems pretty sparse, right? Apparently, kids on this campus cry more than they kiss. I don’t know how to interpret that.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more popular spots.

SEX MAP copy


South campus is positively drenched in sexual moisture. Note the brave souls who took to the Olin parking lot and the woods by Old Kenyon. Exhibitionism (or, more likely, sexual desperation) is alive and well, folks.

SEX MAP copy 3


North dorms see their share of action, too. Notable spots include Caples (shocker), the post office, the black box, Crozier and some small blob of woods behind the New Apts. Kenyon students don’t discriminate when it comes to bumpin’ uglies, that’s for damn sure.

SEX MAP copy 2


The clear winner in this sexual stand-off is Pink Dot, who managed to drag their partner all the way to the train behind the KAC for their encounter. A drunken feat? An act of God? Just plain weird? You decide!

Have you hooked up somewhere crazy here on campus? Let us know in the comments.

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