Athlete Profile: Maria Zarka ’16

maria zarka

Maria Zarka ’16 (source)


Maria Zarka ’16 is a very successful diver for Kenyon Women’s Swimming and Diving. She is a two time national champion, and also represented Tonga in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland. 

Q: How did you get involved with diving?

A: Back in Hawaii, people are always jumping off of high places into bodies of water. I decided to try it as a sport.

Q: Has there been one moment from your Kenyon Diving career that has stuck with you?

A: At nationals my freshman year, after my last dive that won the meet, I was able to hear the crowd cheering from underwater.

Q: What’s your favorite part of diving?

A: Interacting with other divers!

Q: Any things you don’t like?

A: Diving ruins your hair.

Q: And for fun, what’s your favorite Meryl Streep movie?

A: The Devil Wears Prada.


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