Made in Peirce: Totally Legitimate Panera Mac ‘n Cheese Bread Bowl


Delicious, right?


Car won’t start? Shuttle not moving today? Forgot the 9 am deadline for Kenyon Carry-Out? Fear not, Kenyon. We have a solution for your Panera-related woes.


  • Deli bread of choice
  • Mac ‘n cheese (or other warm bowl-filling substance such as soup)
  • Additional toppings to your liking
    • We recommend:
      • Cold well shredded cheese
      • Salad bar peas and carrots
      • Deli jalapeños


  1. Take three pieces of bread; rip to cover bowl.
  2. unnamed-1Mash bread against the sides of the bowl with either your hands, if you don’t mind your hands touching your food, or with a fork. You get a better mash with the hands, but, y’know, health hazards.unnamed-2
  3. Fill bowl with Peirce-made goodness.On the day this was made, mac and cheese was prevalent. This will probably work with at least two other Peirce dishes. Let us know what you try!
  4. Top as desired. We topped with shredded cheese and a beautiful piece of kale.unnamed-4

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