Weekend Playlist: Spring Breakers

Spring break forever!

Spring break forever!

It’s the American dream y’all. Spring Breaaak. NETFLIX AND BIG SWEATPANTS Y’ALL THAT’S WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT! Whether you’re going home or going on an adventure to another planet on your spaceship bed, it’s time to celebrate with the perfect movie Spring Breakers. So get your tanning oil, lay out by the pool, and stop acting ‘spicious!

Big Bank– Rick Ross, Pill, Meek Mill, Torch & French Montana 

For when you decide to go rob your pantry of all the Pop-Tarts. Just act like you’re in a movie or something.

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites– Skrillex

You’re driving to the grocery store. You can change who you are, y’all.

Snakes in the Grass– Waka Flocka Flame Ft. Cartier Kitten

When you go to your brother’s room to bail him out of his homework so he will play Wii with you. Truth be told, you’re not from this planet y’all. 

Moment 4 Life– Nicki Minaj Ft. Drake

For when you’re in your room, and you surround yourself with your stuffed animals. “LOOK AT ALL MY SHIT! I got Winnie the Pooh, Beanie Babies, Snoopy! I got Tangled on repeat. REPEAT!”

Everytime– Britney Spears and the cast of Spring Breakers

At 4 AM one night, you put on an old princess costume and play something sweet and uplifting on the piano.

The Zone– The Weeknd Ft. Drake

Your best-friend from high school suggests you two go to the local mall. You’re my mother***** soul-mates, man.

With You, Friends (Long Drive)– Skrillex 

Then, it’s time to go home. Kenyon awaits, but you know you had the break of a lifetime. Finally you got to travel to a different part of the world and met so many friends there. It was way more than just having a good time, we’re all different people now. It was so nice to get a break from reality.




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