Weekend Drink: Spring Break Storm

Ok, mom and dad? OK? Via imgarcade.com

Spring break is upon us, and though it’s not set to break 30 degrees today, there’s no reason to delay a little spring-inspired boozing. Maybe you’ll drink yourself, not just a coat this time, but a whole new season. Who knows? If your glass is half full of this drink, you’ll be a bit more optimistic about the end of winter. Plus, you probably need to get rid of all that alcohol left in your fridge.

Here’s what you need for one pitcher of springy satisfaction:

  • Dark rum–1 bottle
  • Passion fruit syrup or another fruit syrup–or literally any other substance resembling fruit in your mini-fridge. Work with us here.–1 1/2 cups
  • The entirety of the moldy lemon on the fridge shelf that was probably your roommate’s. She’s gone now, I’m doing her a favor, right? Right.
  • Ice–1 cup
  • A straw

Combine to shine: 

  • Pour all ingredients into a pitcher
  • Stir, and let sit until ice is melted
  • Pop the straw in the pitcher, sip, swallow, repeat.

Spring Break Storm–the finished product.


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