The Monday Catchup

Jeffrey L. Williams, arrested in connection to the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, MO

Good morning folks! Here’s what you missed while enjoying your last moments of break:

The lead story: A suspect has been arrested in the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, MO. The officers were shot last Thursday amid continuing tensions in the city. However, the suspect, Jeffrey L. Williams, 20, claims he was not targeting the police officers; protesters in Ferguson have been quick to announce that Williams has not been among them and has no connection to the protests continuing in the city after the shooting of Michael Brown last summer.

Coming up after the jump: an HBO killer arrested, a suicide blast in Pakistan, protests in Brazil, Americans exposed to Ebola, and more

Two Christian churches were targeted yesterday by suicide bombers in Lahore, Pakistan. The blasts left 15 dead and the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility. After the attacks, a Christian mob formed and blocked off roads and killed two suspected in orchestrating the attacks.

As Brazil struggles with government corruption and a weak economy, over a million Brazilians took part in anti-government protests over the weekend, specifically aimed at President Dilma Rousseff.

Robert Durst, subject of an HBO documentary aimed at uncovering the truth behind his potential involvement in several murders, has been arrested in New Orleans. Durst wore a microphone into the bathroom and was recorded confessing to the murders.

More Americans have been flown back to the US for observation after having been exposed to the Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone. So far none have showed signs of the disease.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is warning his supporters that he might not win reelection this week. Netanyahu and his conservative party have been steadily losing ground and the upcoming election could reverse a right-ward trend in Israeli politics.

Continuing coverage: Rumours abound as Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been seen publicly for days now. Some believe he is dead, others that he is merely attending the birth of a love child. Though the two most likely explanations are that he is recovering from the flu or dealing with back pain.

The weatherExpect medium temperatures this week as we move into spring. No precipitation but some cloud cover.

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