Portrait of the Artist: Ned Vogel


Ned Vogel ’15 is a senior music major who smells completely fine. He serves as treasurer and half of the guitar section of Kenyon’s loudest, heaviest rock and roll band the Flying Hounds. The band also features Tom Cox ’17 on drums, Andrew Clarkson ’16 on bass, and Jack Cox on the other guitar.

Their upcoming album will definitely heighten your emotional state. If you want to feel incorporable pleasure you should check out their Bandcamp. 

In order to get some insight into what it means to be a good-time rock-n-roll performer, I performed an interview on Ned. The results are as follows:

Is there a band car for getting around and transporting equipment? If so, how is that working out?

Yeah. We usually use Tom’s car, which is a Toyota Sequoia. It’s alright.

Cookie Pie or Giant Cookie?


You guys ever go out for fast food?

All the time!

Location of choice?

McDonald’s®, but we usually go to Wendy’s®.

What do you tend to order?

Son of Baconator®, because I’m not man enough for the full-size option.

What are some of you guys’ major influences?

We’ve been listening to a lot of Weezer and Pixies. We really respect how they’re both heavy and catchy and want to do something similar. Jack really likes the Beach Boys, but I’m not sure it comes through in our music. Also, Black Sabbath, duh. Also Gucci Mane, and Modelo®.

Do you guys like The Bloodhound Gang?

I don’t know who that is.

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