10 o’clock list: GIFs for Your Major

Glad someone agrees with me.

If you’re anything like me, you love GIFs.  You love sending them in texts, posting them to a friend’s wall, or just finding them for your own entertainment.  But what you really need is a GIF for your major – something you can put in an email to your professor or in the middle of your paper.

1. Women’s and Gender Studies: As you read about the patriarchy and heteronormativity, all you can do is roll your eyes like Liz Lemon.


2. American Studies: I dare you to include this one in your PowerPoint presentation.


3. Mathematics: In this moment, Cady Heron represents how Mathematics majors feel when they are taking an exam and get the answer to the very last question.


4. Drama: Marlon Brando can act. Look at that range of expressions.


5.Political Science: Do the people hold the power or does the government?

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