10 o’clock list: Weird Shit in Crozier


Charming enough to make an English major cringe.

Now before I get started, I just want y’all to know: I love Crozier. I really do! It’s a great space for discussing feminism, promoting intersectionality, and laughing uncomfortably at the mysterious blue dye they use in menstrual pad commercials (join us every Sunday at 7 for all this and more). But a place like Crozier can’t be around for so long without developing a, well, a certain charm shall we say. Years go by, times change, and aesthetic gets a little muddled in the process. Sometimes the posters that were so chic twenty years ago give you mild existential crises upon viewing them in 2015 at midnight while marathon writing an essay due the next day. We’ve all been there, right? No? Well buckle your seat belts, kids, because we have art that needs appreciating.

1. This weird teal-haired Colossus. 

Get it, girl.

Get it, girl.

My favorite part about this piece is there are so many games you can play with it. Like there’s the obvious game of “What does it mean? Why will the picture only hang sideways? Oh God is she staring at me??,” but other fun variants include “Huh how many felt patterns did the artist use for this collage? I’m counting nine, why would you need nine different kinds of felt?? Where would you GET nine different kinds of felt?” Play these games when sleep deprived for more creative results.

2. Any vase you find. Literally any vase.


Or is this a water basin thing?? I don’t do ceramics.

There are so many vases/water pitchers/ceramic kitschy things and I don’t know why?? Did the people before us think we’d be picking enough wildflowers to fill them all?? Are we failing them?? I don’t know.

3. THE BASEMENT!!!!1!!!


I’m not scared YOU’RE SCARED!!!

Okay so I didn’t get any farther than the top step so I don’t have photographic evidence of potential strangeness, but. I mean, can you blame me?

4. This totally realistic rendering of the anatomy of uterus. 


Wow you really should’ve paid more attention in health class. 

Did you know this is what uteruses REALLY look like? The human body is incredible.

5. This mattress in the attic. 

Perfect for hosting prospies!

Perfect for hosting prospies!

Everything in the attic is weird, but nothing is weirder than this random mattress. I’m pretty sure it’s where the ghost sleeps.

In conclusion, CROZIER IS STRANGE, but we love it. Stay weird, old gal.

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