Coach Profile: Doug Misarti


Doug Misarti, the head coach of the Kenyon College Men’s Lacrosse team, has dedicated himself to the game since his playing days at Washington College and Drew University, Before coming to Kenyon in 2008, Misarti spent eight years coaching at Steven’s Institute of Technology. We reached out to Coach Misarti to learn a little more about him.

When did you become interested in coaching lacrosse?
I became interested in coaching lacrosse in college. Earlier on I had considered teaching/coaching at a Prep school. By the end of my senior year it was clear to me that I wanted to pursue collegiate coaching.
How did you get involved with coaching at Kenyon?
After 8 years at Stevens Institute of Technology (5 as the Top Assistant, 3 as Associate Head Coach) the position opened at Kenyon, and my wife and I decided it was what we wanted. I pursued it and it worked out for us.
What’s your favorite part of being a coach at Kenyon?
My favorite part of being a coach at Kenyon is my players. I truly enjoy all my time coaching them and spending time with them.
Any moments that stand out from your career here?
Many moments have stood out and each season has brought it’s share of successes – three wins that stand out are the 2012 win over Ohio Wesleyan,  the 2008 win over Roanoke College, and the 2014 win over Wittenberg. The first two helped secure NCAA National Tournament berths and the Wittenberg win was a terrific bounce back after a very challenging loss. All three demonstrated both our strong character and high level of effort.
What was your favorite childhood TV show?
Favorite childhood TV show was definitely G.I. JOE the animated series. I can still hear the theme song now.

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