Klexicon Entry: O is for Old Side

Hello, gorgeous. (via SCUP.org)

I’ll be honest: apart from today, the last time I had eaten in Old Side was during Orientation Week, and that was simply because it was physically closer to the servery/I felt too self-conscious eating under the watchful gaze of the bird etchings on the New Side windows. Now, I find myself too self-conscious to enjoy the beautiful stained glass windows and circa 1929 Gothic Revival architecture of Old Side, simply because I have been told that their is some sort of Mean Girls-style seating arrangement, only specifically reserved for different athletic teams and Greek organizations.

But today, I managed to surmount my fears and decided to sup in the elder sector of Peirce. And to my surprise, at the the risk of sounding crass; sup well, I did indeed. It turns out that Old Side is actually all it’s cracked up to be: a beautiful space, rich both in air and light, where one can enjoy both conversation and comestibles with as many or as little people one can manage to squeeze onto a long wooden bench. And, although I think I’ll stick to my status as a New Sider, it’s comforting to know that Old Side still exists as a possibility; not only for dining, but also for staging the moment at which I reveal that I’ve been secretly hot this whole time.

Old Side (aww-llld syhde) n. : For many, a perfectly legitimate place to eat all of your meals from Peirce. For others, a mysterious netherworld, trips to which are reserved only for occasions such as: 1) the acquisition of Peircecorn, 2) when the New Side ketchup dispensers run out, or 3) impressing your relatives/Harry Potter-obsessed prospie.

Kenyon Kontext: “Fine, fine, we can sit on Old Side, but it’s up to you to find us a spot where we’re 100% unlikely to be stealing someone’s usual table

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