What Is the Price of a Peirce Meal?

via kenyon.edu

How much are we paying per meal? A question that comes up occasionally, with guesses by students ranging from $8 (the price a guest pays to buy a meal ticket at Peirce) to around $14. We wanted to settle the question once and for all and reached out to Fred Linger, Manager of Business Services. Unfortunately, Kenyon does not publish information related to how much it pays AVI for its services, so we are relying on the listed price for “board” at Kenyon, which encompasses other costs beyond food, but is the closest number available.

The total board cost for the year is $6,720 per student. Kenyon’s website lists enrollment at 1,676 students for a total collection of $11,262,720 in board charges for the year. Divided over the 210 days that Peirce serves meals, the amount equals $53,632 spent on meals each day or $32 per student per day.

According to Linger, AVI does not spend the same amount on each meal, with 22% of the budget going to breakfast, 37% going to lunch and 41% spent on dinner. Meaning the cost of each meal can be broken down as such:

Breakfast: $7.04 per student

Lunch: $11.84 per student

Dinner: $13.12 per student

Across the whole campus, then, breakfast costs approximately $11,799.04, lunch costs approximately $19,843.84 and the dinner bill is approximately $21,989.12.

There you have it folks, we hope you enjoyed your $53,632 worth of meals today!

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