Weekend Playlist: Surviving ‘Til Spring

We were so close guys.  So close.  Here I was, planning on breaking out the flips flops and shorts and basking in that glorious sunlight as it showered down on us.  But then it snowed…and it rained…and crushed my hopes that we’d finally made it to gorgeous spring weather.  Here’s some stuff to remind you that there actually is a time of the year when the sun isn’t covered by a layer of clouds thicker than a concrete milkshake.

So, not to start things out too on the nose, but:

Waiting for the Sun– The Doors

Could I have found a different cover of this song?  Yes.  Would it satisfy my urge to use college resources to post Pogues songs?  You tell me.

The Sunny Side of the Street- The Pogues

I’m just going to slap this in the middle to get it out of the way.  What, it’s a sun themed music list and you thought this wouldn’t show up at some point?!  At least I didn’t go with Walking on Sunshine.  You’re welcome.

Good Day Sunshine- The Beatles 

And on the other end of the spectrum:

Holiday in the Sun- The Sex Pistols 

*Googles desperately to find more songs with sun in the title*

Soil to the Sun- Cage the Elephant

Haha!  Curveball.  Yeah, bet you didn’t see this coming. It’s in the artist’s name! …I should probably just stop now, shouldn’t I?

It Don’t Mean A Thing- Sonny Rollins

Fine, last one.  I promise.  Doesn’t even have sun in the title, see?

The Dog Days are Over- Florence + The Machine

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