Cups for Candy

Cups for candy!

Cups for candy!

This piece was written by Phoebe Roe ’16.

You know the feeling.  You saunter into Peirce, ready for a good old cup o’ water, stroll into the servery and stop dead in your tracks…no cups.  You are struck with fear as you realize that you’re going to have to use a paper cup and, as you approach the mile high stack of cardboard, your brain flashes with images of dead trees and collapsing ecosystems.  Alas, your water break is ruined.

No doubt about it, Peirce cups have been disappearing left and right this year and I have some statistics to prove it:

  • at the start of the school year we had 1400 cups
  • by Spring Break we were down to 210 cups
  • cups cost ~ $1 per cup which means we lost about $1,190 in cups!  

Not to mention that since we’ve lost so many cups, Peirce has had to stock up on paper cups…

  • we ordinarily use 700 paper cups every day (coffee, tea, etc.)
  • with the cup shortage we have had to up our usage to 1500 paper cups per day since second semester started, that’s 44,800 extra cups!
  • paper cups cost ~.15 each which means we’ve spent an extra $6,720 on paper cups

I’m no econ major, but that can’t be good.  Peirce has recently ordered 1100 new cups for a cost of about $1,200, but we cannot give in. In a last ditch effort to get back the cups, the Housing and Dining Committee and Eco Club has established Cups for Candy, an event that will take place this Sunday at 4pm.  

So if you have a cup or two laying around the old ‘ap, or maybe while reading this blurb you noticed that the super meta art project your roommate left by your bed the other day is actually made solely of Peirce cups, do Peirce (not to mention the world) a solid and leave your Peirce cups outside of your apartment door/dorm room at 4pm on Sunday.  A cup fairy will swing by, grab your cup and leave candy behind.  Also cup fairies are literally incapable of shaming you so that won’t be an issue.

Email with any questions/concerns/general thoughts.


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