The Monday Catchup

An investigator searches through the rubble of the Germanwings flight (via

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The lead story: After the crash of a Germanwings flight last week, that appears to have been intentionally caused by one of the pilots, rescue workers continue to search through the wreckage for remains as German and French investigators look through the past of the man responsible for the crash. The pilot at the helm, Andrea Lubitz, appears to have a history of depression, other theories abound including one about his vision and another stemming from his relationship with his girlfriend. His motives remain unclear.

Coming up: the Final Four advance, ex-HP CEO considers 2016 run, oil drops again, French elections, and more

Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Duke advanced to the NCAA Final Four championship over the weekend. Kentucky will play Wisonsin and Michigan will play Duke this Saturday to determine the two final teams who will play for the national championship on April 6.

Two bodies have been recovered from the site of a gas explosion in a building in Manhattan’s East Village that occurred this past Thursday. Rescue workers continue to dig through the wreckage.

Carly Fiorina, the ousted HP CEO who rose to prominence during her highly publicized 2010 California gubernatorial race, has announced that she is almost certainly going to be tossing her hat in the GOP candidates field for 2016.

Coming just days after the Germanwings crash, an Air Canada flight crashed landed just short of a runway in Halifax. There were no fatalities and only minor injuries.

Nicolas Sarkozy won local elections in France and conservative parties made gains; Sarkozy claims the victory signals a rejection of the socialist policies of French President Francois Hollande.

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck near Papua New Guinea; no major damages have been reported but a small tsunami hit the island.

Payday loans, often seen as a last resort for the financially challenged despite often forcing triple-digit interest, are under scrutiny by the Federal Government. The Dodd-Frank created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has announced plans to curtail the operations of these lenders of last resort.

Oil prices fell once again, with Brent Crude slipping below $65 per barrel. The drop comes amid talks between Iran and several world powers on Iran’s nuclear program and economic sanctions currently leveled against the country.

Continuing coverage: Saudi Arabian launched airstrikes against several sites in Yemen seized by the Houthi rebels. The rebels are backed by Iran but the U.S. and Saudi Arabia support the government of Yemen. The Houthi are Shiite Muslims as is the government of Iran, the only predominately Shiite country in the Middle East.

The weatherRain throughout the week, with thunderstorms predicated for Thursday (though a high of 71 is also predicated) with the skies clearing up for the weekend.



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