Kenyon Kanye: Part II

You might not know it yet, but most of Kanye West’s tweets are actually about Kenyon. Almost any Kanye tweet can be tied back to Kenyon if you know what to look for, which we do (shout out to my liberal arts education for these critical analysis skills). Last time, we looked at how Kanye’s tweets reflect Kenyon’s faculty and staff. This time, we’re looking at what Kanye has to say about Kenyon’s campus.


Imma let you finish, but Mozart is one of the best composers of all time. OF ALL TIME


Too bad the “close door” button doesn’t even work smh

Rise up against the Bourgeoisie artists

Rise up against the Bourgeoisie artists


Don’t even think about taking Yeezus’ name in vain


Unlike Mather and Mcbride

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