Kenyon Mythbusters: Caples 511


Rumor has it that there’s a room in Caples….a room that only men can live in because girls can’t handle all that ghost shit. When we brought this rumor up in our weekly meeting, an editor was quick to point out that she, in fact, lives there.

We instantly thought, “this must be a housing lottery mistake, who would let two women live anywhere near anything?” But upon further questioning, we realized that these women- these two frail, senseless, lifeless human forms of nothingness, stole this room from men. Burly, strong, ghost-prepared men who ended up needing to move to a different building (side note: is this misandry? Does God hate all men? Sound off in the comments!).


Off I went to visit this Caples double- with a man by my side of course- and I was shocked by what I found. This place was totally haunted, and don’t just take it from me, a boy said so too! Books were flying everywhere, which was scary for me because I don’t know how to read :( also at one point someone came out of the wall and asked me to accept Lucifer and proclaim my damnation- I was slightly torn over what to do, but eventually I realized I had to accept.

Next time on Mythbusters: Do women go to Kenyon?

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