10 o’clock list: Friends The Thrill Writes About

We all know that here at the Thrill, we only write about our friends. That’s because we have a lot.


This is Cathy. We all can remember those classic articles about Cathy. I’m remembering one now! Ha ha! So good. Love Cathy, she’s so real.


Look! It’s Ben! Ben and I dated for a while so at one point, he was on this website a LOT. Come to think of it, when weren’t we posting about Ben? Remember this classic post? Me too. I also remember Ben telling me that this summer he was going to take me to his parents’ beach house because he wanted them to meet me because our relationship was a “game-changer” but I guess that was just one of many lies, wasn’t it Ben?


This Karen. She’s a fucking RIOT. One time she puked in my shoes and kept being like, “I’ll replace them I’ll replace them!” and I kept being like, “Totally! No big deal” but it kind of was because I only had two close-toed shoes and I was planning on getting my boots during Thanksgiving Break so I didn’t really have any alternatives on campus but I didn’t want to pressure her because she’s the only one who knows anyone at Ganter so I didn’t want to lose that connection. And like, four days after it happened she bought a blazer from Madewell for like $125 which is just kind of awkward when you owe someone money. Anyways, love ya Kar (:


Jessica, on the other hand, is a fu-huh-king bitch and I’ll say it loud and proud. I wrote a post about her ONE TIME and now it’s like, every time we’re pregaming in the same room she comes up and is like “REMEMBER THE THRILL ARTICLE?” and I’m like, OH MY GOD yes, but shouldn’t this be an indicator about the level of our relationship, that that is the only goddamn thing you can ever think of to talk to me about?


This is Jack and we just met but I see some pretty promising things in our future. You’ll see a post about him soon <3

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