Ghostbusters: The Ghost of Bushnell


We’ve all heard the ghost stories by now. Ghosts at Kenyon are so renowned that they have their own folder in the Archives. Of course there are the classic stories: the aggressive Caples ghost who calls campus safety in the summer, the face looking out of the DKE bullseye window, or the footless victims of the Old Kenyon fire of 1949. In the ghost file, Heather S. Frost writes an in depth essay about these ghosts in almost every building on campus, but nowhere does she mention Bushnell. Located on the South Quad, Bushnell often was considered one of the safe, “ghost-free” buildings on campus. That is, until now.

Claire Tomasi ’17 had a fairly normal night last Monday. She was recording a song on Garage Band, and after she had recorded her guitar track she noticed a small problem. The sound waves, which decreased as the guitar strum became softer, suddenly raised a small amount to show that a new sound was picked up. Claire was alone in her room at the time and had been silent, so this sound wave was strange to her. It was not until she listened to the track that she realized the spooky truth, that she had a fan, and not just any fan. On the track a man’s voice clearly said “very pretty.” She was alone in the room at the time, and she checked outside her door and there was no one near her room. Claire then called a male friend and had him stand outside her door and repeat what the voice had said. The only way to make the voice as clear as it was on the track was for the male to speak loudly, resulting in a larger sound wave. To get the same size sound wave, the male had to stand down the hall, and the phrase at that point was muddled and not as clear. Also, since Bushnell is a female dorm it also is striking that she recorded a male voice. For all you nay-sayers, this track proves the truth so many have tried to prove for years: ghosts are real, and they are here at Kenyon to stay.



The previous resident of Claire’s Bushnell double, an anonymous female student ’16, also confirmed the ghost. Apparently this ghost used to be a bit more outgoing. She said,

One night at 2 AM I was asleep in my room and I kind of groggily woke up to turn over and I had trouble falling back asleep quickly because my roommate was breathing really loudly. So I sat up and peered over the drawers to throw something at her or anything to make her stop breathing so loudly and she wasn’t there. She hadn’t gotten back from the library. So basically I heard really loud breathing coming from my roommate’s bed and she wasn’t there. Also it was super terrifying because it was 100% breathing.

The other story, even weirder, happened in the morning. Before I go to bed every night I fill up my water bottle and put it in the side pocket of my backpack which leans against the side of my bed. Also, I usually I kick my top sheet off when I sleep, so waking up to see my top sheet on the floor next to my bed wasn’t particularly weird….but I got out of bed to see it was completely off my bed and completely soaked in water. My initial thought was that the fridge leaked, but it didn’t. And nothing else was wet, so I didn’t pee myself, which I don’t do anyway. Just the sheet was soaking wet, and my water bottle was empty and moved to the shelf with the mirror between the large closet things. Even weirder is that my roommate wakes up to literally every sound through the night and she didn’t hear anything. So basically the ghost, for some odd reason, poured all my water onto my bed sheet. It was one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me.

For a dorm that supposedly wasn’t haunted, it seems that a very vocal ghost lives in Bushnell. Now this raises the question: who was this person? Bushnell was originally honors housing that only had singles, so is it possible it is an honors student who never made it? Either way, the Bushnell ghost seems very adamant that it gets coverage by the college.

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