The Friday Ketchup


Well, April Fools’ Day was Wednesday, which means the fools were out in force. Did you get pranked? I sure did. Boy, they got me good. I really just did not see the prank coming, and then it was right there in my face. After I realized it was just a joke, I had a good laugh, but I think the jokesters probably got the best of me this time. I’ll get them back someday; they’ll pay for what they did. It’s the Friday Ketchup.

It was announced Thursday a preliminary deal has been reached with Iran, who has agreed to greatly reduce its stockpile of uranium and installed centrifuges in exchange for the U.S. and the E.U. removing their heavy economic sanctions on the country. US officials claim the deal will prevent Iran from being able to develop nuclear weapons.

I find it hard to believe this deal has been made. There’s been so much stuff going on between us and them for so long, and now it’s finally happened. Remember when we would call them a threat to international security, then their leaders would call us a Great Satan, then George Bush said they were part of an “Axis of Evil”? Man, those were the days. Did you know that a kid born today wasn’t even alive then? Getting old is weird.

In sports (a.k.a. actually important) news, college basketball’s Final Four is this weekend, bringing an exciting end to a season where there’s been wins, loses, heartbreak, triumph, and so much more. I’m sure there will be plenty of drama during these games, as scores of adults across the country put insane expectations on a small number of young men who will generate millions of dollars in revenue without ever actually seeing a dime of it. Hopefully no one makes a mistake, because if they do, they’ll be mercilessly mocked and derided for the rest of their lives over something that happened to them when they were 20 years old. That doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun. But remember it’s only a game, and these boys are truly students first and athletes second, so don’t be too hard on them unless they play for your favorite team, in which case you can be as crazy and unrealistic as you want because that’s your team and you care about them more than anything else in life and you need them to win and why can’t Karen understand that?

This week’s Friday Ketchup is done now, so go home to your family. Tell them you love them. Give them hugs. Sleep well knowing you have loved ones who care deeply about you. The Friday Ketchup will be here next week.

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