Shock Your Mom Advice from Upperclassmen

Besides Sendoff, Shock Your Mom is arguably Kenyon’s most famous party. Playboy mentioned the party in their magazine, and each year the campus waits eager in anticipation for the party. However, for some this party isn’t so appealing, and the dangers and risks keep many at home. We asked our upperclassmen writers about what their advice would be for first-years for their first SYM experience, and this is what we got.

Don’t Go.

Stay home and order a small cheese pizza, Kevin McCallister-style. Shut your windows. Watch RuPaul’s drag race. Play Pokemon. Paint your nails. Cross stitch. Make tea. All of these activities are better than getting a reach-around by someone dressed like Rocky Horror.

Expect people to go crazy just because it is SYM. People seem to drink more, have more energy, and generally act wilder than usual. The atmosphere is mostly the same, things are a bit more awkward because people are wearing fewer clothes, but in general it isn’t too different from other parties. My advice is to pace yourself and go in with an open mind. You shouldn’t act too awkward, people are there because they want to be, but because this is a traditionally wild party does not give you license to go crazy and act differently than you would at other parties.

“Stop electrocuting your mother.” –Dad

Pace yourself. Don’t go crazy and grab at anything that moves. This party isn’t necessarily as great as many people say; it’s got its extremely awkward moments and at the end of the day it’s just another campus party that gets a lot of attention because of its theme. If you don’t want to go, don’t go. If your friend doesn’t want to go, don’t make them go. Respect others and respect yourself.

If you have any advice for first-years, leave it in the comments below!

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