Weekend Drink: Mom’s in the Bathtub

Via extension.usu.edu

You know what else is in the bathtub? Water. Drink water this weekend. In the past we’ve recommended a boob-inspired cocktail, but this year we’re pulling for straight H2O. Shots, bottles, glasses, whatever–just make sure you hydrate while you celebrate!

Stay safe this weekend Kenyon! Via giphy.com

2 responses

  1. I am extremely hurt and offended by this photo. I have multiple friends who find Shock Your Mom a stressful time because it serves as a constant reminder of their strained relationships with their mothers.

    Shock Your Mom can be difficult enough for people to handle if they have mothers struggling with alcohol abuse and/or suicidal thoughts/ actions. The party is sometimes portrayed as making fun of how strict/ naive mothers can be, but it’s a completely different story if your mother is the one shocking you, and you are taking care of her through her ups and downs.

    Photos like this which make light of serious situations such as suicide/death are extremely insensitive.

    • Photo has been changed! We sincerely apologize for any distress it caused you! If you need to reach out to somebody this weekend, please call the Counseling Center: (740) 427-5643 or the Peer Counselor Hotline: (740) 398-3806.

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