Overheard at Kenyon: Spring, The Market, and Poop

Springtime in Gambier means the weirdos come out to play.

Welcome to the Beginning of Spring edition of Overheard. Remember, we have ears everywhere. Enjoy!

Jaded All-Stu Student: “I’m not on the dislist for my family. I have to get everything forwarded to me by my mom.”

All-Too-Hip Market Cashier: “Is tonight Wednesday night? Is tonight drunk night?”

Bitter and Bikeless: *sees bike fall over in the wind* “That’s what you get for having a bike, I say.”

Very Excited: “I swear to god Tobias Funke is my spirit animal. Like, that’s gonna be me in 20 years.”

First Day of Spring-er: “Only half of me is sunburned.”

Super-busy Junior: “I haven’t pooped in three days because I haven’t had time.”

The Most Helpful Hint: “I know this place looks nice now but try to imagine it when it’s cold and snowy, because that’ll be the majority of your year.”

Good Advice Giver: “Always keep some honey on you.”

Old News Nelly: “We should probably fine something else to talk about.”

  • Innovative Thinker: “Talk about my anus.”

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