LOST NORTH FACE: Black w/ iphone and kcard in front pocket


This post was co-authored by Kate Lindsay and Maureen Hoff ’15.

Hi. You’ve probably gotten emails from me before. It comes as no surprise that once again I have lost my black north face w/ iphone and kcard in front pocket. The morning after every Ganter party, you get this email, and every Tuesday I end up buying a new kcard, as well as ordering a new north face. I have spent over $600 on kcards this year alone. As for the iPhone, they’re a dime a dozen. However, this iPhone (my third this year) had my social security number saved as a “Note,” under the heading “MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER” so you can understand why I’m starting to get nervous that this could fall into the wrong hands.

I know what you’re thinking: I’ve never seen you wear a black north face. And you’re right. I’m a Patagonia girl through-and-through, but I’ve found, what I think, is a pretty successful way to navigate the Kenyon party scene. We’ve all heard the horror stories of purses being stolen at the Ganter, and like any good Quest for Justice student, I knew there must be another way. Therefore, I like to carry my black north face w/ kcard and iphone in front pocket as a purse–because why would anyone want to steal that? But time and time again, I leave the Ganter warm but empty handed.

If found, please get in contact with me. But please do not respond to this email, as I recently lost my laptop in DKE wing on Wednesday (which I like to stow in a Hershel backpack that I use exclusively for bringing my laptop to DKE wing). Coincidentally, any information about that would still be greatly appreciated (it has a sticker of a Van Gogh painting on the front, and a Post-It with my social security number on the screen).

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