10 o’ clock list: Haikus Nobody Asked For

As a Kenyon student, I find the only appropriate and rewarding form of expression to be that of the written word so it made sense to manifest some of the raging emotions into haikus. I’ll (graciously) accept my award from the English department whenever they’re ready.

1.  On the twenty-third,

I must battle for my sched

And for my housing

Who did this to us?

We are so vulnerable

Please…some compassion

2. Those Asian beetles

Never really went away

LEAVE!!! You don’t pay rent!!

3. Catch me in Peirce Hall

The time? 3:38

Bagel in my hands

4.  Spring :) Sky’s out, thighs out.

I forgot what warmth felt like

It’s GOOD to be back

5.  Peace out, harsh winter

You frigid, painful bitch. This…

is the height of poetry.

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