Housing Lottery Numbers Come Out Today, Begin Panicking

ResLife and LBIS will email out lottery numbers for the upcoming Housing Lottery by the end of the day today, which means it is officially time to start freaking out about where you are going to live next year. To help dispel as much of the chaos as we can, below we’ve put a little info on what you can realistically expect for your housing next year. 

Based on the 2013-2014 lottery,* here is the last number that was able to select certain types of housing:

  • Taft, 4 person apartments [10 available]  last selected at #60
  • Acland 5 person [4 available]  last selected at #15
  • New Apartment
    • 6 person doubles [4 available]  last selected at #121
    • 6 person, singles [3 available]  last selected at #47
    • 4 person, singles [9 available] – last selected at #459
    • 4 person, double [12 available]  last selected at #747
  • NCAs** – 40 available:
    • 5 8-person
    • 11 4-person (4 singles)
    • 24 4-person (2 singles, 1 double)
  • Morgans** – [7 available]
  • Last available single – last selected at #1114 (Leonard)

*Info from last year’s lottery was not available.

**Note that NCAs and Morgans were filled via a separate lottery for that year.

Also keep in mind that the lottery has changed quite a bit from two years ago, so these numbers could be completely different; for example, we know that the last available single was chosen much sooner than #1114 in the most recent lottery.

For more info, check out the Lottery Document here. If you just want to know when the housing lottery is, check out our deadlines post here.

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