Kenyon Klexicon: Q is for QR


This could be you next year (via

Registration is coming on fast, so it’s about time we all sit back and remind ourselves about the best part of Kenyon: it’s a liberal arts college that allows us to get a rounded education across various disciplines. But it’s also the time when everyone is rudely awakened a not-so-nice aspect of Kenyon: that it makes us get a well-rounded education across various disciplines. Thought you’d be skipping out on math and science in college because now you’re a Big Shot English Major™ who will only ever need math to count out the syllables in your iambic pentameter or estimate the massive amount of royalties you’ll earn on your first book? Think again! To prepare you for the real world, every Kenyon student it required to satisfy diversification requirements, the most difficult of these (at least for the less mathematically inclined arts, humanities, or social science major) being the .5 quantitative reasoning (QR) credit required for all students.

Classes that fulfill this requirement, according to the Kenyon website, are courses that “may focus on the organization, analysis, and implementation of numerical and graphical data, or they may involve learning mathematical ideas, understanding their application to the world, and employing them to solve problems.” In other words, “must require math in some form.” Kenyon has been known to stretch this to the extremes–Biology in Science Fiction, anyone?–but spaces in those courses fill up fast. Be sure to reserve your spot soon–you don’t want to end up a (humanities-oriented) rising senior staring down at a cold cold list of science classes, looking into the jaws of death.

QR (kyew-arr) n. – A loosely defined math/science credit required to graduate; also known as the bane of arts/humanity students’ existences and reportedly “no big deal” for the hardcore math and science majors.

Kenyon Kontext: “Does this class count for QR?” “…This is a first year English seminar.” “But does it count for QR??”

P.S. Head’s up: apparently for this coming fall semester, the WGS course “Gender and Popular Culture” counts for QR–don’t question it, just enroll. You’re welcome.

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  1. I dont like your tone, Alicia. I’ve finished my QR requirement, and I still feel threatened by what you are saying. Keep in mind that not everyone here thinks they are going to be instantly successful and rich. Lord knows there’s a long, hard path in front of me. Will I be successful? Maybe. But I certainly will not be estimating ” the massive amount of royalties” from my first book anytime soon. If I even complete a book, it will most likely be laughed over by the few publishing interns who read it. In short, please cut the presumptuous crap. You will not have much success in confronting the issue of pretentiousness at Kenyon if you talk down at your peers. That wasn’t really what you were doing in this piece. You were trying to be funny. You did not accomplish that task. I am annoyed, NOT amused

    P.S. You have a typo at “every Kenyon student it”


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