Kenyon Pets: Stout the Pug


Pug-a-boo, we see you…(photo courtesy of Patrick Bottiger)

This week, we have the extreme pleasure of featuring Stout the Pug as one of many notable Kenyon Pets on Campus. Belonging to Professor Bottiger of the History department, this precious little four-legged burrito is a longstanding member of the underground and yet very much so visible Curly Tail Army of Kenyon College (the only other known member of which being Heppy and Alf the Pugs, whose profiles can be found here and here).

A heartbreaker, traffic-stopper and bonafide cuddle magnet, Stout’s celebrity status belies his down-to-earth attitude. A great appreciator of the simple joys in life, Stout’s easygoing outlook on life is one that we can all be inspired by, whether the end of this semester is simply a hello to yet another Finals’ Week or a real farewell to Kenyon. So do yourself a favor: stop counting your wrinkles, relax, and get to know Stout by way of the interview below. Besides: Stout may be one of the chillest guys I know, and his forehead and body wrinkles are deep, innumerable, and adorable.



Age and Date of Birth? Age is 5 and place of birth was somewhere in Ohio. My human got me from Ohio Pug Rescue so I guess that is my birth place.
Favorite part about life on the Hill? My favorite part of the Hill is the endless stream of back-scratchers who rotate in and out of my human’s office when I visit on Fridays. I wonder if they show up everyday?
If you had access to a time machine, where/when would you visit? If I had a time machine, I’d go back in time three weeks ago to the sidewalk on High Street in Mount Vernon. We were walking in front of a church when all of a sudden I discovered a raised glazed donut on the ground and gobbled it up before my human could stop me. Heaven must be awesome.
Biggest pet peeve? My biggest pet peeve is when my human wakes me up at 5:30 each morning to take me on a walk. I need more sleep. 9 or 10 would work perfectly.
Plans for this summer? My plans for the summer are to work on my rampaging skills, capture at least two squirrels once they are fat and lethargic, and apparently travel with my human to Boston for a month and then Minnesota for a few weeks. I am confident the summer will be full of back-scratchers and donuts.

Like a doge over troubled water, he will lay himself down.

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