Springtime at Kenyon

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The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and early morning construction has started – these things can only mean that Spring has arrived at Kenyon once again! Now that you can go outside for more than five minutes at a time, Kenyon’s campus can really lend itself to some fun activities! In this post, we’ll explore some of the possibilities.

Location One:  The Lawn There’s a reason that as soon as it’s more than 60 degrees outside everyone finds themselves soaking up the sun on the lawn. Whether you chill in an Adirondack chair or straight up lay on the grass, Peirce Lawn is a perfect spot for relaxation. Some activities you can do (besides lazing outside forever) include: tossing around a frisbee, playing “Wonderwall” for all your collegiate friends, and posing for brochure pictures.

Location Two: The Chair Outside Ascension You know the one, it’s like behind Ascension and before the statue of those kids dancing or whatever. Swingy chairs are specifically designed to facilitate maximum relaxation as the gentle breeze rocks you back and forth. Bring a book or your lover – this chair will not disappoint.

Location Three: Gap Trail I know what you’re thinking – physical activity? Ew gross! But the Kokosing Gap Trail, especially during this not-too-hot not-too-cold part of the year, is the perfect place to take a walk with your friends or a run with the wolves.

Location Four: BFEC Yo, Kenyon has this amazing reservation of land that has a bajillion trails that are all very beautiful and all very much waiting for you to take a hike on them. Seriously, The Pine Tree Forest is magnificent and so is the rest of the BFEC. Leave the Hill and go explore nature! Spring is the perfect time for this.

Location Five: Peirce Veranda Go to Lower Peirce and leave through the doors. Ta-da! An amazing view awaits you. Although there might be wasps sometimes, eating outside is among my favorite things to do when the weather is nice.

Other campus favorites include: slack-lining, campus golf, and general tomfoolery.

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