Weekend Drink: Watson Your Wallet

Via eonline.com

Otherwise known as, the “I have no money, if you lend me some shots I’ll pay you back?” Fine, but only because I value the social relation of reciprocity, not your friendship. This cocktail isn’t really a cocktail, but more a set of contingency plans for those nights when you’re at the mercy of everyone else’s liquor cupboard. Here’s how to make it:

With beer:

Friends with a beer lover and a girl who loves cats? Perfect.

  •   Blend one part beer with one part white wine (preferably sparkling, but the bottle that’s been in your friend’s refrigerator without a cork for two weeks should suffice too).

With vodka and gin:

Have watered down market vodka and gin? No problems here.

  • Blend three parts tart fruit juice with one part vodka and one part gin.

With tequila and rum:

Two friends without taste buds? All the better.

  • Mix one part rum, one part tequila, one part Sprite. Squeeze a whole lemon into the mixture.

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