The Monday Catchup



Good morning! Here’s what you missed while you were relaying and enjoying the fine spring weather:

The lead story: In an unsurprising but long-awaited move, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president on Sunday. The former Senator, Secretary of State and First Lady joins Republicans Rand Paul and Ted Cruz on the trail for 2016.

Coming up: Riots in Brazil, a tiff between Turkey and the Vatican, Cuban relations, and Chinese hackers, but first check out a review of the premiere of season five of Game of Thrones

Protesters have taken to the streets in Brazil again to demonstrate against President Dilma Rousseff. A survey indicates that the majority of Brazilians would like to see her removed from power due to corruption in her administration and the faltering Brazilian economy.

GE Capital, the financial services and lending arm of the large industrial giant, will be divested. Sometimes blamed for the great drop in share price during the Great Recession, investors are glad to see GE Capital go and to know that the company will be focusing on what it does best, industrial production.

The Armenian Genocide, the killing of approximately 1.5 million Armenians by Turkey between 1915 and 1917, was mentioned in a speech by Pope Francis, greatly upsetting Turkish leaders, who have long denied the claims that the genocide occurred.

Bucking the trend of suffering near unanimous criticism  by Latin American countries, President Obama walked away from a Summit of the Americas with significant support from other leaders in the Americas. Obama even shared a handshake with President Raul Castro of Cuba.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for attack on embassies in Libya. These attacks are more in a growing list of operations by ISIS in Libya.

The U.S. is stepping up aid to Saudi Arabia in support of the nation’s actions against rebels in Yemen, which borders Saudi Arabia.

In Cleveland on Sunday a three-year-old boy accidentally shot a one-year-old in the face after gaining access to an unattended gun.

Scientists say that the Universe may not be expanding as quickly as was once thought. It is also possible that “dark energy” may not be as prevalent as once thought.

Continuing coverage: The U.N. estimates that Boko Haram has displaced about 800,000 children over the past year as the group continues its campaign to instate Islamic law in Nigeria.

The weather: Partly cloudy with temperatures reaching into the 70s this week, though possible rain on Thursday.

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