So Your Laptop Crashed…What Now?



It’s 1am, your essay is due tomorrow at 12 and you’ve been on third floor since yesterday- you are literally becoming a study carol. You’re about to end your night, you go to load a new tab and- what? What is this screen? Why is everything gone? Why does God hate you? What on earth do you do.

First of all, this is strictly based on Apple products, as PCs tend not to give me as much shit. This year has been crazy, I’m 19 years old, I started wearing real bras, and God finally knows that is really me, Margaret! In addition to all of this, I’ve gone to the Apple store every two months for the same computer, most of the time for the problem they claimed to fix the last time. Maybe it’s something weird I did to it in high school, maybe I’m just unlucky, or maybe my laptop really is possessed by that boy I absorbed in the second grade- no matter what the reason, I’m now a fully-vetted Apple store-going expert.


Take a deep breath, and try to stop crying- here’s what to do:

  • Run around the library and try to get someone who’s more knowledgable than you to confirm that this isn’t a routine thing.
  • Google the symptoms (on another device), this can usually help you decide if it’s worth going to Easton, or if you can work it through with their service number.
  • Ask whoever would have the papers on your computer about your insurance. If you have Apple Care (which has now saved me over $2,000- so I highly recommend it) it’s good for two years after purchase!
  • Keep reading if you’ve realized you have to go to Columbus!
  • Book your appointment online, Polaris Fashion Center or Easton are both great options and are pretty much the same distance away! For something simple, it’s best to try for a morning appointment so they could possibly fix it the same day.
    • (If they’re not listing very many options, call Apple’s service number and get a little whiny and ask, “Can I please just make an appointment?” They normally have more available than they list!)
  • Need a ride? Car share is available here- literally no one mentions this, and while it’s not the most economic option, if you can’t get a ride any other way, the Prius is $4.95/hour+gas and you can rent it online here!
  • Attempt to borrow an ipad, or bring your phone with a charger, hole-up in a Panera or Starbucks, and get your work done.
  • If they need it for several days, ask them to ship it back to you, they’re pretty secretive about this, but they’ll overnight it to you for free!

Anyway, this is my extensive procedure for a good Genius Bar experience, and I genuinely hope you never need it!

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