Seniors Reminisce: Food for Thought

It may not be Peirce's birthday anymore, but we can still learn from the wisdom of its age. (artwork by Emma Specter '15)

It may not be Peirce’s 85th birthday anymore, but we can still learn from the wisdom of its age. (artwork by Emma Specter ’15)

As I look back at my time here at Kenyon, I think about Peirce. I think about how maybe 75% of my overall time here has been spent at Peirce. If I played a meaningful montage of my college experience, it would probably just be a repeat scene of me laughing with friends in Peirce.* And while you might think that today’s Peirce is just the same as it always has been, then Think Again. Peirce Hall has grown with us over the years, so this is an homage to dishes gone by:

Old Chicken Patties at the comfort station– A far cry from spatchcock chicken or deconstructed sushi, these patties were an over-sized hockey puck of processed chicken glory, and I always called them “Super Chicken Patties” because that’s what we called them in the fifth grade for some reason.

Life Before #AVIFresh2Def – This is a dark time, and I don’t like to think about it very much. But there was a time when Peirce would just *list* the foods for the day without the loving banter and heckling that we see today.

Trays– Back in the olden days, when you wanted to steal a tray for sledding like that *classic* student that you heard about on all your college tours, you simply had to grab one from the center console in the servery with all the forks and spoons. Alternatively, you could fit like, five cups of Powerade on one tray with three different meals at once.

Peaches in Peirce-I don’t know, someone said that they used to have peaches in Peirce, and I believe them. My memories of early Peirce have a vaguely peach-flavored hue.


*What? I’m not crying! You’re crying.

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