10 o’clock list: 5 Emotions of Josh Radnor

Source: hdwallpapersfit.com

Josh Radnor ’96 is perhaps the most recognizable Kenyon alum currently alive. Acting in the hit television program How I Met Your Mother, Radnor brought life to main character Ted Mosby in a role many critics remarked upon. He also starred and directed in the movie Liberal Arts, which was partly filmed on Kenyon’s campus and has become your parents’ favorite way of learning about life on the hill. As a testament to his greatness, we’ve decided to showcase the wide range of emotions Mr. Radnor possesses in his acting arsenal.

1. Happy

Source: nndb.com

He’s got such an infectious smile. I smiled back right at him.

2. Angry

The fury behind those eyes could burn through a concrete wall.

3. Sad

You can almost see Radnor’s heart breaking. I just want to give him a hug and tell him everything will be okay.

4. Confused

Right here, Radnor is clearly conveying the confusion and tumult of being a young person in the big city.

5. Arousal

Man oh man, calm those bedroom eyes a little bit Josh! Not everyone can handle such sensuousness.  Truly a master class in acting.

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