How to Be a Person: Creating Your LinkedIn Profile


Ah, Facebook. You love Facebook. You love its infinite benevolence, its plethora of oh-so-important drivel that you waste–ahem, spend–hours upon hours scrolling up, down, left, right, diagonal looking at. It is a universe unto itself, one where you can, say, stare at your crush’s profile pictures, or look through your friends’ photos from 8th grade.

Facebook can go to hell. You’re a grownup now.

Let me tell you all about LinkedIn. Facebook for grownups.

You know what you stalk? Your rivals’ past jobs. Your really attractive bosses. And you know you’re on fire when you see that people are looking at your profile (yup, that’s a feature. if that were on Facebook, things would get a whole lot creepier).

But seriously, LinkedIn is a very necessary evil in the professional world (right behind small talk and a physically crippling handshake), and sometimes it can be a little daunting. Here are some tips to make your LinkedIn page the most stalkable (and employable) on the Internet:

Use a professional photo. This isn’t the place for you to post your hot selfies from last night. Even if you dress up a smidgen and have a friend with a quality camera against a nice background (do: clean, white walls, Ransom Lawn; don’t: VI, Cove, while attempting to fit a whole Chipotle burrito in your mouth). You want to come off as organized, confident, and professional–but don’t advertise someone that isn’t you. Still be you. Think of it this way: if you could have a photo encapsulate the essence of your most perfect cover letter, what would it look like?

Put your most significant stuff first. Is your post as Honors Club President from high school, senior year really that important when you’re looking for jobs? Think about which accomplishments and skills are most relevant. Employers look for important signal words.

Create a professional email account. Get away from the tag; distinguish your professional self from your student self. That being said, nobody wants to hire pickleschick95@gmail or

Sell yourself. Brag. Tell the whole world why you’re great and deserve that intro-level editor’s position (God knows I do). Do this by including a professional resume (no typos!) and including hyperlinks to any personal blogs, freelance work, and other online samples you can show off.

Keep refining! Don’t just drop it like a horrible unpaid internship experience. Keep polishing your profile as you gain experience. Post recent accomplishments. Connect to professionals you meet (hit up everyone at the CDO). Show professionals what you’ve been up to lately.

Want to snazz up your LinkedIn profile even more? Check out this awesome blogpost (courtesy of my mom) for more tips!

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