Kenyon Doppelgangers: Nathaniel Shahan ’17 and Jack James ’18


Here’s another edition of Kenyon Doppelgangers that’s been a long time coming–Nathaniel Shahan ’17 and Jack James ’18. They first realized their similarity when Nathaniel came back to campus. “People were confused, because they said I had already been back on campus.” Nathaniel said. Shortly after that, Nathaniel found his doppelganger, Jack, and a lot of confusion was cleared up.

Nathaniel is a Political Science major from Tully, NY. He is involved with the Collegian as the News Assistant, and he also is the News Editor for the Thrill.

Meanwhile, Jack is an anticipated English or Psychology major from Cincinnati, OH. He’s involved with the ballroom dancing club and says he is a “vowed KAC-head” (translation for NARPs: He likes to exercise).

They’ve been mistaken for each other quite a few times, but by far the funniest occasion happened to Jack. He was outside of Peirce one day, and two girls waved to him and said “Hey Nathaniel!” he politely explained that he wasn’t actually Nathaniel, and his name was Jack–except the girls refused to believe him. “It got to the point,” Jack said, “that I had to pull out my Ohio Driver’s License to prove my identity.” Jack thought this was ridiculous, but Nathaniel chimed in that the girls probably weren’t wrong for being suspicious because it sounded like a prank he would play.

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