Overheard at Kenyon: A Weird Amount of Dark Humor?

If these gates could talk...

If these gates could talk…

Welcome back to the Spring edition of Overheard. Remember, we have ears everywhere. Enjoy!

Person You’re Hoping You’re Not Friends With: “We are cut from the same cloth, you and I. And that cloth is an Hermes scarf.”

Concerned Wikipedia-oligist: “Ted Bundy killed five people in one day!”

  • Friend: “That’s because he was a serial killer.”
  • Concerned Wikipedia-ologist: “But still, that must have been a big day for him.”

The Guy You Don’t Want to Talk to at the Party: “Steve Jobs isn’t socially awkward, he’s dead!”

Probably not a History major: “This is America, slavery is illegal! Right? Yeah!”

Motivational Speaker Anticipating Finals Week: “With enough pressure, we’re all diamonds.”

Person Who Needs to be Saved From Their Own Brain: “My inside of my head…is very meta.”

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