10 o’clock list: Kenyon Weed Strains

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Well, it’s that time of year again, folks. The day is here. 4/20 (or, as a math major might call it, one fifth). Whether you partake in marijuana or not, one cannot help but be impressed by the creative names of weed strains that are out there. While doing research for this post, the Thrill staff was blown away by the sheer artistry of it all. But we couldn’t help thinking: What if there were Kenyon-specific weed strains, particularly in pun form? On this holiest of holy days, we put a Kenyon twist on several tried and true classic strains.

1) Granddaddy Purple – Grandaddy Gund

Who doesn’t love Graham Gund, our benevolent overlord? We know his ashes will eventually be scattered at Kenyon, so why not make a few ashes of your own in celebration of the large cement boxes he’s created?

2) Cat piss – Feral cat piss

Who doesn’t love cats, especially the feral ones often found roaming around the Aclands? And we all know that the best thing about cats is their urine.

3) Stardawg – Special Dogs

s/o to a Kenyon band. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

4) Black Widow – Lady Beetle

Smoke this and imagine you are purging all the small insects from campus. It is your privilege and your duty.

5) Sunset Sherbet – Sunset Cottage

Giggle about that time you spent your whole English class talking about dicks while lighting this puppy up.

6) Pineapple Thai – Pineapple Tomsich

Science, am I right?

7) Space Bomb – Philander Chase Bomb

Imagine lighting up with our founder. He’d probably giggle a lot, then get really quiet and fall asleep on you friend’s futon.

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