Kenyon Kraft: Dirt Everywhere

Let’s get crafty, nerds! Everything is green and pretty and that is terrible so we have to cover it all up with brown nonsense. And what is more brown and nonsensical than dirt? Like, what even is it? I have no idea. Very small rocks? Fish eggs? Tiny Raisinettes? There is literally no way to find out. Anyway flowers are terrible and grass is terrible and everything is terrible so let’s cover it all in dirt.


Strong start, but there’s still a lot of grass!


Okay well that’s a good effort but I feel like I told you less grass.


That dirt is TOO BIG and honestly I’m upset that you would even think I would be happy with this lackluster effort.




Where’d you get this picture of me? *blushes*

There you have it, folks! Have fun making the earth the crusty beige sphere it was meant to be. Stay dreaming. Stay adventuring. Stay dirty.

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