Learn How to Roll with the Thrill Staff


Fourtwenny! It’s on us! Springtime is here, let’s celebrate! We all enjoy a nice roll now and then, but today is a day where we can all get rolling together. Roll with your friends, roll with your family, roll with your dad, roll with your teacher, roll all day long. If you’re going to roll safely though, you need to follow a few simple tips. Keep reading to learn how to keep it cool, but also safe, from a few members of our staff.


This is Davy, he’s one of our best writers. He loves rolling, particularly in the grass. Notice how Davy keeps his arms up to protect his face. That way he avoids the risk of breaking his nose and ensures that any rashes he picks up from the foul grass won’t be visible to his friends.

670px-Roll-Down-a-Hill-Step-3 2

Davy isn’t the only one who knows how to hold his arms before a quick tumble. Here are two of our other staffers, Trey and Vance, showing you how it’s done. Notice Trey is using much the same technique as Davy, while Vance is employing the also popular, but slightly more dangerous “crossy arm” technique. While better for your tender chest, it does little to protect your face. If Vance gets a visible rash from the horrible grass, you’ll know why!


These are our interns on staff. Notice how they roll with their friends. Using the buddy system when rolling lowers your risk of injury and ensures that you get the care you require if you contract any particularly nasty skin rashes from the dirty grass.

maxresdefault 2

Oh you thought rolling could only happen outside, didn’t you? Well check out Minnie and Shauna – two of our resident content producers – they like to roll in the gym and are very good at it. Rolling in the gym has its advantages, mainly that you can avoid loathsome grass and the shame that comes with having a face covered in the sickly rashes it can cause.

670px-Do-a-Forward-Roll-Step-3-Version-2 2

We hope you found this rolling primer helpful and informative. We here at the thrill love a roll as much as the next grouping of folks and hope you’ll join us for a pleasant tumble later this evening.

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