The Monday Catchup


Good morning folks! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The lead story: The Islamic State continues operations in Libya as it released a video that purports to show the execution of Ethiopian Christians in Libya. This is the second mass execution of Christians in Libya this year.

Coming up, a deal between Pakistan and China, terror related arrests in the United States, Lily for Target, an immigration tragedy, and more.

A boat crowded with over 700 Libyan immigrants sank in the Mediterranean. The tragedy has renewed calls for European countries to accept and aid more immigrants fleeing violence in North Africa.

At least six men are in FBI captivity after raids in San Diego and Minneapolis neutralized an apparent terror threat. Very little is known about what the men were planning. At least several are of Somali origin; San Diego has been the site of a previous terrorist threat by Somali nationals in 2013.

China is expected to announce a $46 billion deal with Pakistan. The Chinese president will travel to Pakistan this week to hold talks with the Pakistani leaders and sign an investment deal worth over $25 billion as well as discuss security issues.

The iconic WASP brand Lilly Pulitzer began sales on a line at Target this weekend. The great demand for this brand, once only available at elite boutiques, caused the Target website to crash.

2016 is already in full swing as candidates, including Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton head to New Hampshire this week to begin courting voters in the state which holds the first primary.

Scientists have announced that the biopsy may be replaced by a blood test for cancer detection. The new process is still in test phases, but it is believed it will be a more efficient way of detecting cancer.

The World Health Organization has admitted its failure in adequately dealing with the Ebola crisis in West Africa. The organization compiled statements admitting their insufficient and pledges to do more in a future crisis.

Continuing coverage: It has been five years since the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and drilling has actually increased though oversight has too.

The weather: A wet beginning to the week will be followed up with a cloudy and chilly Sendoff and Extendoff.

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